Simply Great CRE Market Data


Fill your new deal pipeline with accurate leads on the loans, properties, or leases that have the characteristics you want. Once you are on the platform, you can be notified as new properties, loans, or leases hit your sweet spot.


How do your properties’ financing and financial performance compare to similar properties nationally? Regionally? Locally? Rudolph Property Explorer provides a robust benchmarking dataset of stabilized properties.

Get Smart

What other properties does an owner need to refinance in the next year? Just how badly does a landlord need a tenant to renew their lease? Rudolph Property Explorer can help you answer incredibly granular questions about many properties.

Save Time

Due diligence always requires hard work. But there is no need to put in hours of extra work when you could have the answer at your fingertips. We are committed to making CRE more transparent so professionals can save time and do their jobs with better information.

What is

Rudolph Property Explorer?



Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
CMBS account for a significant portion of all CRE financing. Rudolph Property Explorer parses unwieldy CMBS disclosures into a modern web app that makes it simple to see into the individual underlying assets: CRE Properties, Loans, and Leases.


Unrivalved CRE Market Data:

No Guessing. Straight From the Bank.
For properties that aren’t actively being marketed, there is no source that can compare with the thoroughness and accuracy of the financial situation of CRE properties than what comes out CMBS. Get the exact terms of the debt on properties, multiple years of property revenues and expenses, the names of the borrowing entities and guarantors on the loan, and much more.


Simple and Affordable:

$50 A Month Subscription
To sign up: confirm your email address and enter your billing information. You can cancel your subscription any time, your subscription will expire at the end of that month.


You'll Get

We are committed to delivering a first class market data experience at an accessible price. Development is geared towards data integrity, making it easier for customers to get what they want from the data, and creating powerful tools to help CRE professionals see their market in entirely new ways.

User Friendly

Rudolph Property Explorer strives to provide an easy and intuitive searching experience to zero in on the properties, loans, and leases you are looking for.


Save searches for easy prospecting and benchmarking and get notified when there are new results. Bookmark or add notes to properties you want to easily revisit or add context to.

Customer Centric

You have direct access to the Rudolph Data team. Need a tour? Or just help using a feature? Have a question about some data? The founding team is an email or phone call away. Unhappy with the product? You pay month to month - there’s no annual lock-in, no phone call to make, cancel straight from your settings page.

Pilot Program

We are just getting started. Customers that sign up today are in our pilot program that provides us with critical feedback we need to drive the direction of the product. We are working everyday to bring in more relevant CRE data and build more ways to understand it.